Why we love what we do


As masks become part of our everyday life it occurred to me that we could embrace this change with both fun and functionality.  In previous years you would wear accessories to communicate with others about yourself.  Our newest accessory for the foreseeable future is masks.  You have the option of making it something more than medicinal.  We use fabrics and designs that will brighten others moods as they look at your cute new mask showing off a piece of you!  From cats to crowns, coffee to martinis our masks share it all.  

In addition, as a retired nurse I used all my previous experience to ensure our masks meet basic requirements.  Although our cloth masks are NOT as effective as N95 (there is no way to come close) they do have many of the features we know help with effectiveness

 ~ The nose wire closes off the top preventing saggy ill fitting masks

 ~ We sew the sides so you don't have gaps on the sides.

 ~ The elastic is not sewn in but slides in a channel making replacement easy

 ~ The pocket allows both cleansing of the cotton mask as well as inserting filters allowing more filtration