Whether you need a mask with a clear window because others are dependent on you to lip read, or you just want to show off your smile - this is the mask for you.


It is different than our other mask in that it is a SINGLE layer of cotton with NO filters, and then the clear window sewn into place.  We made this mask as close to our original mask structure including a nose wire and serged edges. It is still the large, comfortable sizing as our other masks.  The elastic is still run through a channel so it can be adjsuted to fit your facial needs, and works great with a mask nanny.


The clear material may fog but we have hear rubbing dish soap on it before wear should help.  


~*~ I DON'T CARE male & female masks will be made with our same quality material that we don't have enough to offer to the general public ~*~

IF you see a fabric we carry and it is not limited we will do our best to make your mask with it.  Just leave me a note!

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