Goodness this fabric is gorgeous and makes a definite statement when you wear it!


WE NOW OFFER FACE COVERINGS and more protective FACE MASKS with filter!


  • Face coverings are single layer high quality cotton
  • Still include a nose wire
  • Perfect for summer
  • Edges are serged
  • Elastic ear loops are stillrun through a channel for the best fit.


~ FACE MASK (shown in pics)

  • Top fabric is same high quality cotton fabric in fun patterns
  • Nose wire for top fit
  • Includes cotton fabric that creates a pocket
  • Pocket will hold one of our Non-Polypropylene woven filters (included)
  • Edges serged like clothing
  • Elastic ear loops run through a channel for best fit.


As an asthmatic, I reviewed many patterns, research, and consulted with nurses to come up with a mask that works for both the general public and frontline workers.  Our cloth mask is the same for both locations - the difference is elastic over the ear designs is easier for the general public while most medical prefer ties.


We use a tight woven cotton in fun fabric for our front.  Then we use a solid color for the back pocket - these pieces do over lap so you have added protection of layers.  The mask can be worn on its own or you can add one of included non-woven polypropylene filters for added protection (see below).  Our masks are serged (just like clothing) to ensure they last daily washes.  We also have imbedded a nose wire at the top so that you have a tight fit.  Lastly, our elastic is free floating in a channel - although most people will be able to wear the standard size elastic length that is included - you can easily replace the elastic for a longer length or tie the current length for a tighter fit.  


As you can see our masks fit snuggly along the top, sides AND bottom.  THis gives you the maximum amount of protection with the most comfortable all day wear.


WEAR - place one filter packet into the back pocket before use.  Place elastic loops over your ears.  Pinch the wire over the bridge of your using your thumb and forefinger.  When worn you should feel a slight movement within the mask as you breath.



We use 2 layers of non woven polypropylene which are serged together for ease of use while placing inside the mask pocket.  This type of fabric is made in a way that it does not have a set weave and makes it waterproof, blood/body fluid proof, durable, yet breathable.  This lets wet particles to be "held" in the cotton until it can be washed.  It is breathable but not permeable to particles down to .5 microns (N95 masks filter down to .3 microns)


Elastic color and lining fabric may be different than shown

Sandals on yellow mask, face covering, lightweight mask, teacher mas